Our Family has been growing fern in Pierson, Florida for six generations. My Great Great Grandfather Frank Harper planted Plumosus fern plants here in 1919. Followed by his son George L. Harper and subsequently my Grandfather and father, George R. Harper.

I took over in 1985 forming Rusty Harper Ferneries and still grow several varieties of cut decorative foliage and fern on property originally farmed by my Great Grandfather.

Now my oldest son Jacob has joined our business bringing a fresh set of ideas and an enthusiastic new approach to concept and design for our greenery. In the last three years we have planted over 25 acres of new Variegated Pittosporum along with several other varieties of foliage that we feel are trending upward in useage throughout the market.

Green Drop BouquetWe are blending them together to form durable green bouquets that have an increased shelf life and will remain vibrant and fresh at the final sell point over other greens.

We appreciate your interest in our company and would enjoy the opportunity to send you some samples or atleast detailed pictures of our greenery.

Please contact Jacob, Pam or myself and you will recieve all the attention and experience that six generations in the decorative foliage business can bring.

Sincerely, Rusty Harper

Rusty Harper Ferneries
Office: 386-749-0522
Fax : 386-749-9652

Mixed Boxes

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Florida Sculptured Palms

Our Florida Sculptured Palms sold exclusively at Rusty Harper Ferneries LLC.


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Our Office and Warehouse is located
at 350 North Pine St. in Pierson, FL.